I am Petra, a 31-year-old visual artist based in Slovakia

For as long as I can remember, I have loved art, design, photography, architecture, and painting.  Art helps me to connect to my imagination and, through experimentation, explore new perspectives. I am fascinated by observing the universe, its wonders, and the unpredictable sequence of events, which appears over time as a synchronicity that awakens something inside us. Using the rich variety of textures, shapes, and colors I aspire to create a surreal, mystical, peaceful atmosphere that engages the senses and can inspire you more fully discover yourself. I appreciate having the freedom to experiment with a range of media, techniques, and styles to best express the themes. 
Uniqueness can be found everywhere around us.
Nature is one of my main sources of inspiration, which is reflected in the majority of my work. I admire how variable it is, and how it creates beautiful colors and shades. I realized that it constantly transforms and moves. 
If you take glance around, you'll find that there are no strict lines. The rivers flow in a curved pattern, and the majestic mountains that stand out are irregularly shaped...

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